Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

1Surgery feedback - Janeen Duckit
"I would like to commend the practice from Reception to Dr. Naidoo, for always remaining absolutely professional, yet personalizing the experience and allows following up. All emails are always responded to and in General, I think the whole experience definitely gets an Excellent rating!"

Thank you
Jane├źn Duckitt
2Surgery Feedback - Ubuhlebenkosi Tshabalala & Mom
"At first I was not sure what to expect when seeing Dr S Naidoo for the first time. But after our first consultation it was as if I was talking to a caring friend who understood my problem more than I can begin to understand it myself. My baby who was born with a cleft palate. It was new to me and my family. Not knowing what steps to take we were told it will have to be closed with an operation. Dr S Naidoo explained in detail as to what happened from conception to when baby is ready to do the operation. I must say you have restored my baby's confidence when it comes to eating and drinking as it was a problem before. Thank you so much Dr Naidoo and staff, for the excellent work, your professionalism and dedication to your little patients."

uBuhlebenkosi Tshabalala & Mom
3Surgery Feedback - Nadia Pretorius
"Dear Dr Naidoo and Personnel, I would like to thank you and your personnel for the excellent service received before, during and after my surgery. My surgery was scheduled for the 4th of March 2017. What the surgery entailed ,the pro's and cons was explained to me in detail and I was given written information regarding the surgery. Communication prior to the surgery was prompt and professional. I think that Ronel is a real asset to your practice. She assisted me in the authorization process and were always willing to help where ever she could. I enjoyed coming to the practice. The atmosphere is very welcoming. The invoices and statements were accurate and clear. Ronita was always prompt to reply to any queries or questions I had. Dr Naidoo is a perfectionist and always made sure that I understood exactly what was going to happen and what the next process would be in my recovery period. He always involved me in the decisions to ensure recovery would happen at a good pace. He gave me options and made sure I understood all of them before they happened. He suggested different treatments (physio and radiation) that would assist in the recovery process. I had an appointment on my birthday and to my surprise I received a gift from Dr Naidoo and his personnel. That small gesture made me feel that I was more than just a patient with a file number. I would recommend Dr Naidoo with utmost confidence.

Thank you for all your assistance and patience."
Nadia Pretorius
4Surgery Feedback - Shannon Barnard
"I was referred to Dr Naidoo for the surgical removal of my wisdom teeth and was amazed by his professionalism, medical expertise, copious qualifications and personal character. Prior to the procedure, Dr Naidoo fully equipped me with the facts and details of the operation. This gave me a definite sense of ease and prepared me what to expect. Although the procedure was particularly challenging, Dr Naidoo executed it expertly and I experienced minimal pain and a swift recovery. It is also imperative to note that his staff is the most helpful, accommodating and organised I have ever dealt with. The level of client service prior, during and after the procedure was exemplary. It was an absolute pleasure to be Dr Naidoo's patient and deal with his practice. I highly recommend Dr Naidoo as a Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon of choice."

Shannon Barnard
5Surgery Feedback - Tracy Krebs
"My experience with Dr Naidoo has been fantastic, From the day we found out Mia was born with the cleft lip and unilateral split palate i was filled with concerns. I received numbers from Sister Daleen from the Pretoria clinic. I called and made an appointment with Dr Naidoo, from my first appointment with him i have felt more comfortable, Dr Naidoo has a calming presence about him and he relaxes me. Dr Naidoo is awesome with my girl and treats her like his own child. With the first operation of the soft palate repair I knew I made the right choice Dr has done a fantastic job and i am ecstatic with the professional service provided. One very happy mommy."

Tracy Krebs
6Surgery Feedback - Jeanne Rabie
"Dear doctor Naidoo, It is with great sadness that I wish to inform you that Joshua has passed away on 19 December 2017. Even though our hearts and home are empty without him, we are so grateful that we were blessed with him for 117 days. We have learned so much from him and our lives will never be the same again. One of the most important things that I have learned from this wonderful experience was that there is so much good left in this world. Amongst others, people like you and your team at the clinic who cares unconditionally. You walked the extra mile not only for Joshua but also for our family, and we will be forever grateful to you for that. You have such a good and kind heart, and it was an honour to work with you. May God bless you and your practice. Please convey my message to your wonderful team. Thank you"

Jeanne Rabie

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