General Questions

1I think I'm coming down with a cold and I have already scheduled my surgery. What should I do?
You should call our office and inform us of your condition. If you are nauseated, running a fever, or have a productive cough, you will need to give our office a call to reschedule your appointment. Usually, if a person is just getting a head cold and basically feels all right, they can go ahead with surgery as planned. If you feel it is going down into your chest or you cannot breathe freely through your nose, then you should probably postpone your surgery. You should still come in for an examination if you feel up to it; then the doctor can evaluate your condition and our staff can schedule your surgery for a time when you will be feeling well enough for the procedure.
2How do I know the instruments and materials used are sterile?
All instruments are cleaned and then sterilized after each use. Each instrument pack or bundle is tested with chemical indicators to confirm sterilization parameters have been achieved. We follow strict guidelines to assure sterility and safety for our patients and employees.
3May I stay with my child during surgery?
Parents of small children may accompany their child prior to surgery; however, there are safety regulations that do not permit bystanders during the surgical procedure.

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