Examination & X-ray Questions

1If my dentist took X-rays recently, why do I need another X-ray at your office?
You are welcome to have your dentist forward their x-rays to our office; however our office takes a panoramic x-ray or you will be referred for a CT scan, different types of x-ray than a general dentist usually takes, so a new x-ray with our office may still be necessary. Both a CT and panoramic x-ray are more complete and comprehensive x-rays for examination of the entire upper and lower jaw structures as well as the jaw joint structures, upper sinus cavities, and all related areas of the head and neck region. Dental x-rays such as bitewings and periapicals are for the teeth only and often do not show all of the related root or bone structures. This is particularly important when planning oral surgery.
2Why do I need to schedule an examination when my dentist referred me to you? Why is there a charge for a separate examination?
We quite frequently will provide an exam and surgery the same day for shorter surgeries. However, for longer procedures an examination appointment provides the following: the doctors will be able to complete a thorough exam and overall evaluation of your specific dental/surgical needs; a treatment plan and approach (e.g. local anesthesia or general anesthesia) will be discussed and outlined in detail for you; our surgical assistants will spend additional time familiarizing you with preparation for surgery and your aftercare; finally, the business office will review the fees, insurance and payments with you. Overall, it guarantees a better experience for longer procedures because of the preparation and education provided at this appointment. As far as there being a charge for a separate examination with our office, the examination appointment has several components including a thorough evaluation by the doctor, discussion of the specific diagnosis, outlining the procedure and the anesthesia, review by a surgical assistant of the preparation for surgery and the aftercare, receipt of our comprehensive Care Information Pamphlet and finally, reviewing the proposed fees for the surgery in an effort to avoid any financial surprises for you and us. We feel the examination is a valuable tool for making your surgical experience a pleasant one.
3Do I have to be referred by a dentist to schedule an appointment?
You are not required to have a referral from a dentist; however, it is recommended. Unnecessary visits can be avoided if you first see a general dentist for a full evaluation, x-rays, and cleaning. Your dentist can develop a treatment plan for you and determine if a visit to our office is needed.

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