HASA Corporate Social Investment

The members of the Hospital Association of South Africa have collaboratively and compassionately responded for many years to the healthcare needs of South Africans, expanding the envelope of healthcare provision to more than 9 million people and reducing pressure on the public sector. Across the country, tens of thousands of people receive pro bono care from private hospitals, specialists, and nurses who to deliver a variety of medical procedures for those who most need them.

Private hospital groups have also invested significant sums in various programs that strengthen the healthcare system through education and training, building capacity, supporting research, and building leadership skills.

Finally, private institutions have generously worked with, and supported, non-governmental organizations who work towards a whole and healthy country.

Private hospitals’ social investments rest on a simple principle: to answer the call, “Thuma mina" (send me), by helping people to overcome many of their dire healthcare needs.

Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot.

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