Blissful Cleft Foundation

In South Africa, approximately 1 in every 723 babies are born with a Cleft Lip and or Palate. The chances of a baby being born with a Cleft Lip and or Palate is 0.14%. With this Foundation, we wish to not only raise funds for the surgeries, but also offer support to these families and to create awareness about Clefts in South Africa..

All of our members of the Blissful Cleft Foundation share an unique care and passion for babies born with a Cleft Lip and or Palate. We want to support parents who cannot afford to pay for these very costly operations, and in this way be able to give these warrior children their forever smiles.

Dr Sharan Naidoo is one of the Directors and Co -Founders of Blissful Cleft Foundation as well as the surgical provider.

Smiles are free, but they are worth a lot.

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